Welcome to my chronicles that explore the pride and drama of Caribbean life, past and present. In these pages I share with you my passion for these islands, the remarkable and the troubling. This is my beat, what I see, and what I hear. You’ll find provocative comments on development, wealth and poverty, human trafficking, and gang dynamics. Here, I challenge assumptions, celebrate courage and accomplishments, and spotlight bold visions for a better future. It’s all about who gets a piece of paradise inside the reef.

Articles that enchant and stir-it-up include: The perils of expanding tourism, heroic rescues at sea, tech entrepreneurs, island free divers, walloping hurricanes, the first Columbus landing, female pirates, sunken treasure, whaling back in the day, loyalist plantations, daring slave escapes, and The Jamaican Bobsled Captain–the title of my soon-to-be published book.

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The Jamaican Bobsled Captain / Dudley “Tal” Stokes and the untold story of struggle, suffering and redemption behind Cool Runnings captures the West Indian spirit of never giving up. The near-death crash at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics should have been the end of the quixotic quest by tropical Jamaicans to enter a winter sport in which they had zero experience. But they kept at it until they beat some of the best world and entered into the pantheon of bobsledding’s Olympic elite. Watch this site for availability in August 2024. Meanwhile, please see the “Book” tab for more.

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