Who is Ben Stubenberg?

I have had the good fortune to grow up and live in quite different cultures and landscapes and I think that allowed me to move easily between people and places. I was born in Hawaii, but also spent much of my childhood in Norway and then California where I went to high school and college. That kind of makes sense, right?

After moving to St. Croix, I taught high school English and reported for the local newspaper. During that time, I also earned a pilot’s license and flew to just about every island in the Caribbean and later lived for months in Martinique and Haiti. Those experiences have always stayed in my heart even as I pursued more conventional careers in law and government.

For more than 12 years now, I have been privileged to live on Provo in the Turks & Caicos Islands where I have also been lucky enough to write feature articles for the local magazine, Times of the Islands. Telling stories about the rich and tumultuous history of this part of the Caribbean region and linking it with the present is a passion that I want to share. These ever-changing, always-alluring islands and the people who inhabit them are my reason to wake up in the morning and write.

Ben Stubenberg on the bluffs overlooking a secret beach in Middle Caicos.