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Christopher Columbus likely made his first landfall on Grand Turk in October 12, 1492 where he was greeted by Taino Indians.

Let me state upfront: I am new to blogging. In fact, this is the first blog post I have ever written. So why now? Two reasons. First, to explore and comment the changing nature of Caribbean islands and the Turks & Caicos and nearby Haiti in particular. Here you’ll read about tourism, overdevelopment, wealth, inequality, migration, disenfranchisement, and the heroes determined to empower their countries and communities. Second, to tell the world about my upcoming book The Jamaican Bobsled Captain. In many ways, the original Jamaican bobsled team, and particularly its captain, Dudley “Tal” Stokes, reflect the Caribbean grit to keep pushing past failure and doubt to succeed against the odds.

The Turks & Caicos Islands and Haiti, both places where Columbus stepped ashore in 1492, could not be more contrasting and yet inextricably linked. They present no end to fascinating stories–and cautionary insights. Separated by just 130 miles (200 km) of water, one country sees hundreds of millions of dollars poured into luxury tourism development and established as a destination the well-off come to visit. The other desperately strives to stave off hunger and violence and has been largely written off by the world. Both reckon with vast disparities between rich and poor, and both nurture steadfast people determined to shape a more just and equitable future.

Whether you vacation in the Caribbean or already live here or just have craving to understand how a turbulent past links to an uncertain present, then this website is for you. My comments differ from those found on other Caribbean websites or social media platforms that tend to focus on what to see and do while on holiday or how to move or invest or work here. I can talk about that too. But I much prefer to explore the undercurrents of power driven by character.

I’m told that I should have an “ask” when blogging–so I’ll ask you most respectfully to follow my blog (which will soon include short videos) and invite you to make your own comments about my postings that could spark a discussion and influence change for the better.


  1. JoAnne Augh

    I find your blog to be extremely well written and informative as well!
    Always highly interested in learning about places unknown to me.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Ben Stubenberg

      Thank you so much for the kind words, JoAnne! Glad you enjoyed it and much appreciate your feedback.

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